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Russia helped North Korea launch spy satellite, claims South Korea

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North Korea launches spy satellite

South Korea on North Korea: South Korea and Japan are always worried about North Korea’s actions. North Korea continues to terrorize Japan and South Korea in the Far East Asian regions by continuously conducting missile tests. Meanwhile, North Korea has recently launched a spy satellite. On this, South Korea has made a big claim that Russia has helped Kim Jong’s country in successfully testing a spy satellite. In this way, it has been proved once again that the triumvirate of North Korea, China and Russia is taking the shape of a new and undeclared organization against America, Japan and South Korea.

South Korea has made a big claim that North Korea has successfully placed a reconnaissance satellite in orbit with the help of Russia. Officials gave this information on Thursday. Earlier this year, North Korea had tried to test reconnaissance satellites, but it failed. North Korea said it successfully placed the satellite ‘Maligyong-1’ into orbit on Tuesday night. South Korea has confirmed that the satellite has been placed in orbit. Also said that it will take several days to find out whether the satellite is decelerating properly or not.

Rocket design was sent to Russia

South Korea’s intelligence agency told lawmakers on Thursday that the success of the launch was largely due to Russian assistance. The National Intelligence Service referred to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s earlier statements supporting North Korea’s satellite program. MP Yu Sang-bum, who attended the meeting, said that the National Intelligence Service also said that it had received information that North Korea had sent the design and other data of its new ‘Cholima-1’ rocket to Russia. MP Bum said the National Intelligence Service said it also received information that Russia had sent North Korea back after reviewing the data.

North Korea has not released satellite photos

South Korean Defense Minister Shin Wonsik told a parliamentary committee on Thursday that Russia appears to be providing technology support to North Korea’s satellite program. North Korea said that its ‘Maligyong-1’ satellite will start its work on December 1. He also said that the satellite has sent pictures of military installations in Guam and that Kim has seen them. North Korea has not released photos.

Both countries refused to follow the 2018 agreement

Many experts doubt whether the satellite is modern enough to perform tasks such as reconnaissance for the military. North Korea reiterated its commitment to establish a space-based surveillance system amid tensions with the US. North Korea says it has the right to launch reconnaissance satellites to counter US-led military threats. After this spy satellite launch, both North Korea and South Korea are in a mood to not follow the 2018 agreement.

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