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Russia intensified attacks, targeted southern city of Ukraine

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Russia intensified attacks

Russia Ukraine War: The war between Russia and Ukraine is still not over. In recent times, Russia has intensified its attacks on Ukraine. Also the number of attacks has increased. Meanwhile, Russia has opened fresh fire on Ukraine. With this incident, Russia once again revealed its dangerous intentions. Russia has targeted the southern city of Ukraine. Two people are reported killed in this attack.

According to the information received, the Russian army attacked the southern city of Kherson in Ukraine on Tuesday morning. At least two people were killed in this. Local officials gave this information. Regional governor Oleksandr Prokudin posted a video after the attack. In this, two dead bodies can be seen lying on a city road.

Two doctors also injured in the attack

Roman Marochko, head of the Kherson city administration, said two medical workers were also injured in the attack. Russian officials said Tuesday they responded to another Ukrainian attack on Crimea, while Ukrainian officials said air defense systems responded to a drone and missile attack on Russian troops. Neither side has reported any casualties or damage.

The Russian Defense Ministry said air defense systems destroyed 22 Ukrainian drones and intercepted 13 over Crimea and the Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAzov early Tuesday. Shortly thereafter, another four drones were shot down and two were intercepted. Both Russia and Ukraine are attacking each other. At present there does not seem to be any solution to this war.

Putin has given orders to recruit more soldiers

It has been almost 22 months since the Russia-Ukraine war. In such a situation, Russian President Putin no longer wants to prolong the war. Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday ordered to add at least 170,000 additional troops to the country’s army amid the long-running conflict. This order of Putin was issued on Friday and it was implemented with immediate effect. This increased the number of Russian military personnel to 2,200,000. It also includes 1,320,000 soldiers.

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