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Russia is making another ‘INS Chakra’ for India, this new nuclear submarine will create a ruckus in the sea

Various speculations are being made after the return of the Indian Navy’s only operational nuclear submarine INS Chakra back to Russia. Some believe that this will affect the operational capability of the Indian Navy, while there are others who feel that this will weaken India’s nuclear triad. The ability to fire nuclear missiles from water, land and air is called the nuclear triad. So let us tell you that you do not need to be worried about the strength of the Indian Navy. India signed a deal with Russia in 2019 for the second new and deadly nuclear submarine. Russia will hand over that submarine to India within the next four years. Meanwhile, India’s nuclear power at sea will be led by the indigenous INS Arihant submarine.

Russia had a deal in 2019 for a new nuclear submarine

According to 2019 media reports, India had made a secret deal with Russia for the purchase of nuclear submarines. The total cost of the deal was then reported to be $3 billion. Under this, India will get a nuclear submarine from Russia in 2025, which will be known as INS Chakra III. This submarine will also serve in the Indian Navy for the next 10 years like INS Chakra. The submarine that India is going to get is K-322 Kashalot of Akula II class of Russia. It is fitted with an integrated sonar system, which detects the location of the enemy from a long distance without any movement. A similar system has been installed in India’s INS Arihant.

New submarine equipped with many deadly technology will come to India in 2025


The Russian Navy’s K-322 Kashalot submarine will be overhauled before being handed over to India. This will increase the service life of the submarine. Not only this, this submarine will also be made fit for the Indian subcontinent. It is being told that the overhauling work will be done at a Russian naval shipyard located in Severodvinsk. It is also being claimed that many indigenous technologies of the Indian Navy will also be included in this submarine. In this, communication system made in India will be installed, so that it will not be easy for any other country to intercept its conversation. Actually the biggest strength of submarines is their hiding under water. If any conversation is caught, then the location of the submarine can be easily known.

Why Russia’s Akula class submarines are considered powerful

Russia’s Akula II class submarines are considered extremely powerful. Submarines of this class weigh 8,140 tons. In such a situation, it is believed that the weight of INS Chakra III will also be the same. The submarine is capable of operating at a speed of 30 knots (55 km) per hour at a depth of 530 meters at sea. The nuclear submarine is fitted with four 650-mm and four 533-mm missile launch tubes. They can fire Russian-made Type 65 and Type 53 torpedoes. For propulsion or power, a 190 MW nuclear reactor has been installed in this submarine.

India has already taken two submarines on lease from Russia

Chakra was also the name of the first submarine with nuclear capability. The submarine was taken on a 3-year lease from the then Soviet Union in 1988. The submarine belonged to the Russian Project 670 Skat-class. Subsequently, the Akula-II class submarine INS Chakra-II was inducted into the Indian Navy on 4 April 2012. This submarine was also Akula class Nerpa which was built under Project 971. It was deployed with the Eastern Naval Command. India and Russia were also negotiating to extend the lease of this submarine for five more years, but this could not happen.


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