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Russia is targeting civilian targets, blackouts in many cities of Ukraine

Russia Ukraine War News: The battle that started about eight months ago to the Russia-Ukraine War has now reached its dangerous point. There seems to be no end to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The impact of Russian attacks on Ukraine is beginning to become more visible. Russia has started a special military operation against Ukraine. At the same time, Ukraine is firmly facing Russian attacks. Russian President Vladimir Putin has pointed to the use of nuclear weapons on Ukraine in several forums, after which the possibility of Russia’s use of nuclear weapons is increasing.

Due to the Russian attack on Ukraine, a situation of blackout has arisen in many areas there. Ukraine is facing the problem of severe power crisis. Enerhodar mayor Dmitro Orlov said electricity and water stations in the city had been targeted. A power plant in Kryvyi Rih, located in the south-central region of Ukraine, was badly destroyed by missile strikes. It is the result of drone strikes by Russian missiles on civilian targets. Kyiv has strongly criticized Iran, its western ally, which supplied drones to Russia for these attacks.

Russia is targeting civilian targets

The UN Human Rights Office said 6322 Ukrainians, including 397 children, have been killed in the Russian attack. Since the start of the war, 9634 civilians have been injured. At the same time, Russian attacks destroyed more than 40 percent of Ukraine’s electricity-generating capabilities, leading to energy rationing and emergency blackouts across the country. Ukrainian officials said Moscow is attacking its energy installations to tilt Kyiv down.

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Iran’s condemnation

Several countries and international bodies have criticized Russia’s military for supplying drones against Ukraine. Experts believe that in this way drone attacks on Ukraine can prove to be disastrous. Meanwhile, the White House issued a statement on Thursday saying that the US has evidence that Iranian troops are helping Russian troops with drone strikes in Crimea as well as attacking Ukrainian civilians and infrastructure.

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