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Russia Stealth Submarine: Russia preparing for war in the Arctic? Great destructive nuclear ballistic missile submarine is being built

Moscow: Russia is famous all over the world for its powerful submarines. This is the reason that despite having the most powerful navy, America never engages directly with Russia. In this episode, Russia has made public the first design of the next generation Arcturus nuclear ballistic missile submarine to be easily operated in the Arctic. This design has been launched in Russia’s International Military-Tech Forum Army 2022. Small in size and equipped with next-generation technology, this submarine is being built to guard the northern region of Russia. According to H I Sutton, Defense Analyst at Naval News, the Arcturus concept is designed like America’s F-22, F-35 fighter jets. It is not easy to detect these fighter planes with active sonar. In the same way, this new submarine of Russia can not be easily found underwater.

Russia’s submarine is very different from the world
HI Sutton said that many countries of the world are building next generation submarines. The Type-212CD submarines being built for Germany and Norway include the United Kingdom’s Dreadnought-class ballistic missile submarines. However, the exterior structure of these submarines is almost the same. But, a new type of anti-echoic coating has been used in Russia’s Rubin Design Bureau’s new submarine Arcturus. Rubin claims a 20 per cent reduction in the size of the new submarine compared to the previous Russian submarine due to improvements in submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBN) technology.

Submersible sound will disappear from pump-jet propulsion
Defense analyst Joseph Trevithick wrote in The Warzone that Arcturus appears to be smaller than previous Borei-class SSBNs, although its hull is wider. He claims that during the Cold War, the US and Sweden also built similar looking submarines, which are currently out of operation. Joseph Trevithick claims that pump-jet propulsion can also be used in this Russian submarine. It is more effective than any other propeller and can further reduce the aquatic signature of the submarine.

Power generation without shaft will get more speed
Rubin also said that Arcturus has a combined propulsion system, which allows the submarine to generate electricity without any shafts. This can significantly increase the maneuverability and reliability of the submarine. Rubin stressed that while the stealth feature will continue to be the most important feature of submarines, detection technology is also rapidly evolving. This means that submarine stealth technology must also be developed to deal with these threats. As submarines are getting more quiet with each new design, Active Low Frequency Sonar will play an important role in submarine detection.

This submarine is equipped with 12 missile tubes
Arcturus has 12 missile tubes compared to Russia’s Borai class submarine. At the same time, the number of missile tubes in the Borai class is 16. The Rubin Design Bureau said that as technology advances in submarine-launched missiles, fewer missiles may need to be fired to penetrate missile defense. These missiles could be an upgraded variant of the RSM-56 Bulava SLBM. This missile is used by Russia’s Borai class submarines.




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