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Russia UK India: Britain was trying to troll Russia, Moscow gave a befitting reply, stopped talking about slavery in India

Moscow: India and Russia have been strong strategic partners for the last six decades. This relationship has become stronger in the last three decades. Whereas, Britain is the country which ruled India for 100 years. This is such a stain of slavery that he cannot wash even if he wants to. In such a situation, when Britain tried to troll Russia, it was also told its history which is stuck on the forehead like a stigma. This whole incident is being mentioned fiercely on social media. People are praising Russia and giving example of its friendship.

what was the matter
Actually a tweet was made by the Foreign Ministry of Russia. In this tweet, the foreign policy of the Russian government was told. The Foreign Ministry wrote, ‘Russia’s foreign policy is peaceful, independent, predictable, stable and practical. This foreign policy is going to respect universally recognized principles and follow international law. On this, the UK Foreign Ministry replied by including a screenshot of the tweet, ‘April Fool is tomorrow.’ The Russian Foreign Ministry then replied back to the UK. He wrote, ‘April Fools! We are giving a link below for you.

Russia showed the mirror

The link shared by the Ministry of External Affairs was supposed to tell the reality of Britain. In this link, he told how the ruling policy of the British harmed the people of India and tortured them. The Russian Foreign Ministry said according to statistics that writers from all over the world have also written about how 100 million Indians continued to be victims of Britain’s discriminatory policies from 1880 to 1920.
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The Russian Foreign Ministry has told that if the census figures conducted by the British during that period are to be believed, then the death rate of 37.2 per 1,000 people in the decade of 1880s had increased to 44.2 percent in the decade of 1910s. At the same time the life expectancy of Indians also fell from 26.7 to 21.9 years.
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mention of Churchill’s hatred

Not only this, Russia has also mentioned a statement of Winston Churchill, who was the Prime Minister of Britain at that time. Churchill’s statement about the horrific developments in Bengal was completely racist. Churchill had said, ‘I hate Indians. They are brute people with brute religion.’ Not only this, Churchill argued for the lack of measures to fight famine, that Indians would always produce children like rabbits.

With this argument, he justified the famine as well. The fact told by Indian economist Utsa Patnaik from the Russian side was also brought to the fore. The Ministry of External Affairs said that during the colonial period, the British Empire stole 9.2 trillion pounds, or $45 trillion, from India. It was calculated in the prices of that time.

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