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Russia-Ukraine MI6: ‘Putin has failed miserably in Ukraine, Russian army is going to be frustrated’, MI6 chief said – the war will continue next year too

Washington : The head of Britain’s intelligence agency MI6 believes Russian President Vladimir Putin has “failed” badly in the war with Ukraine. Richard Moore said the fight would go on for a long time. He claimed that Russian soldiers could soon become ‘desperate’. Five months into the Russia-Ukraine war, the fight is moving in the exact opposite direction of Putin’s expectations. A few weeks after the start of the war, Russia made the Donbass its target instead of Kyiv. Putin said he wanted to liberate Donetsk and Luhansk. Many cities in this region have been occupied by Russia. But according to a new claim by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, their target has now gone beyond the Donbass region.

According to reports, after losing a large number of soldiers in the war, Russia is desperate to increase the strength of its army. Because of this, the age limit of soldiers has been raised to 50 years and the war chief is being offered a salary of 640 pounds per month and free medical and dental care. Russia is making these preparations in view of the coming winter, which is a sign that the war may continue next year as well.
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Russian soldiers standing on the verge of desperation
Speaking at the Aspen Security Forum in the US, Richard said, ‘Putin is facing a strategic defeat in Ukraine. But obviously it is not over. “Russian forces have made some progress in recent weeks and months, but very little,” he said. They’re going to be desperate. We anticipate that in the coming few weeks it will be difficult for Russia to maintain the numbers in the army.

‘Ukraine’s spirits are still high’
“Somehow they will stop and it will give the Ukrainians a chance to retaliate because they are still spirited,” the intelligence chief said. They have started getting good weapons in huge quantity. Moore believes that a counter-attack by the Ukrainians will prove beneficial for the whole of Europe. Earlier, the US intelligence agency CIA had said that they had no evidence that Putin was ill. CIA Director William Burns said there were no signs to suggest that Vladimir Putin was ill.


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