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Russia Ukraine Talks: Speak to Zelensky, I will ruin it…. Putin threatens Ukrainian President’s handwritten peace proposal

Moscow: Amidst the ongoing war in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin has tightened his position. During a meeting with Russian billionaire and unofficial peace negotiator Roman Abramovich, the Russian President said that go and tell Zelensky, I will destroy him. Roman had given Putin a hand-written peace proposal letter from the Ukrainian president, and in response, the Russian president allegedly made the threat.

According to the report of The Times, this hand-written note gave full details about Ukraine’s conditions for ending the war. Earlier, Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, accepting Ukraine’s request, had given his approval to mediate in talks with Russia. Roman, the owner of Britain’s Chelsea Football Club, is circling Istanbul, Moscow and Kyiv to convey the message of the two heads of state to each other.
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Roman Abramovich suffered suspected ‘poisoning’

Meanwhile, big revelations have emerged that Roman Abramovich suffered a suspected ‘poisoning’ with Ukraine’s peace negotiators earlier this month. The owner of the Chelsea football club was allegedly poisoned after a meeting in Kyiv a few weeks ago, as he acted as a ‘peacemaker’ in the Ukraine-Russia war, the Wall Street Journal reported. . After the meeting in Kyiv, Abramovich and two senior members of the Ukrainian team reported symptoms, which included red eyes, tearing with pain, and blisters on the skin of the face and hands, sources said.

Analysts at Bellingcat confirmed that three members of the delegation, including Abramovich, who attended peace talks between Ukraine and Russia on March 3, experienced “symptoms analogous to poisoning with chemical weapons”, the Daily Mail reported. Investigative news site Bellingcat said Abramovich, another Russian entrepreneur, and Ukrainian lawmaker Rustam Umerov were taking part in talks that lasted around 10 p.m.
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Eye and skin inflammation, Stinging pain in the eyes
Three members of the delegation moved from talks on 3 March to an apartment in Kyiv later that night. While there they were all suffering from swelling of the eyes and skin and a stinging pain in the eyes till the next morning. Sources said they blamed hardliners for the suspected poisoning attack in Moscow, who wanted to disrupt ongoing talks to end the war.


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