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Russia Ukraine War: America will give ‘junk’ Hawk air defense system to Ukraine, will the advance be able to stop Russian missiles?

Washington: The US is considering providing Hawk air defense systems to protect Ukraine from Russian drone and cruise missile attacks. Hawk Air Defense was inducted into the US Army in 1960. Hawk systems currently have been gathering dust in the American arsenal for decades. The HAWK interceptor missile is an upgrade of the Stinger missile system. The Stinger is a short-range air defense system already used by the Ukrainian military. Questions are also being raised on giving the old Hawk system to Ukraine. The Russian military is using advanced missiles and drones to attack cities in Ukraine. In such a situation, there is very little chance that Hawk systems will be able to track Russian missiles.

Russia has wreaked havoc in Ukraine
Russia has carried out massive air strikes on Ukraine in the past two weeks. Many cities, including Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, have been almost destroyed due to these attacks. Millions of people are forced to live in the dark after 50 percent of Ukraine’s power stations were destroyed. Water supply has also been affected in many areas. In such a situation, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is urging NATO countries to provide air defense systems. A few days ago, at the NATO conference, there was discussion on giving air defense system to Ukraine.

US to use presidential drawdown authority
The Biden administration is going to use the Presidential Drawdown Authority (PDA) to transfer Hawk missile systems. This defense system was created during the Vietnam War, but has been upgraded several times. The Presidential Drawdown Authority allows the United States to quickly deliver weapons and services from its arsenals to other countries without congressional approval in response to emergencies. The US did not specify the number of Hawk air defense systems and missiles it plans to deliver to Ukraine. The White House declined to comment on the question of giving Ukraine the Hawk system.

The Hawk System is developed by Raytheon Technologies.
The Hawk system is manufactured by American defense company Raytheon Technologies. To replace this system, the Patriot Missile Defense System was created. The US denies giving the Patriot system to Ukraine. It is considered America’s second most powerful defense system. The US also has a missile defense system named Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAD). US President Joe Biden has promised Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that Washington will provide an advanced air defense system to defend against Russia’s devastating missile strikes earlier this month.

Hawk System 1

Hawk has been gathering dust in the US arms warehouse for a long time
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has said that Spain is planning to send four Hawk launchers to Ukraine. A US official said the US would initially send interceptor missiles for the Hawk system to Ukraine because it was not clear how many Hawk launchers are currently left in working condition. Hawk missile launchers have long been lying in the US arsenal. The US had already told that it is going to give military aid of about $ 700 million to Ukraine. The US has sent nearly $17.6 billion in security aid to Ukraine since Russia’s attack in February.



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