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Russia Ukraine War: Putin fleeing Ukraine? Russian army changed its plan, now insists on ‘freeing’ the Donbass

Kyiv/Moscow: The Russian army, which has so far lost thousands of soldiers and hundreds of tanks and fighter jets in the last one month of war in Ukraine, has indicated that it is now changing its plan in this fight. A top Russian military official has said the military will reduce its attack and instead focus on liberating the eastern Donbass. Meanwhile, Western intelligence officials have warned that the signal could be part of Russia’s strategy to trap Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defense of Russia has also updated its death toll to 1351, while Western countries estimate that 20 battalions of Russia have been ruined in this war in which more than 10 thousand soldiers were killed. Huh. Russia had originally deployed a total of 120 battalions along the Ukrainian border. Instead of the loss in this war, Russia tried to show that they were getting an edge. The Russian military said that the first phase of their military operation in Ukraine has been completed.
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‘Putin is stepping back’

Western countries claim that the Russian military’s statement is a sign that Putin is stepping back and trying to escape from Ukraine. Another bad news for Russia is that the Russian soldiers mounted a tank on its brigade commander, killing him. The commander has been identified as Colonel Yuri Medavdev, who belonged to the 37th Motor Rifle Brigade. On the other hand, even after the change in strategy of the Russian army, sporadic attacks are being carried out on Ukraine by Russia.

Russia, which has been fighting a war in Ukraine for a month, has not got the expected success. Russian forces have surrounded Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, but they are unable to capture it. The Russian army is continuously carrying out horrific attacks in other cities of Ukraine. British newspaper Daily Mail quoted military analysts as saying that Russia has designed its new strategy to show Putin an easy victory in Ukraine. That too the Russian army had to suffer heavy losses.
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‘The combat capability of Ukraine’s army has been greatly reduced’
An important change in this strategy of Russia has been announced by the Chief Military Officer of the Russian Army, Sergei Rudskoi. He said that this change has been possible because the combat capability of the Ukrainian army has been greatly reduced. This has given us time to free our main target, Donbass. Most of the people of Russian origin live in Donbass and since 2014 the Russian-backed rebel group has been waging war with the Ukrainian army. Here the Russian army has also received a lot of support. Sergei also claimed that Ukraine’s air force and its air defense systems and navy have been practically destroyed.


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