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Russia Ukraine War : Putin’s Ukraine mission failed? EU MP claims – $ 20 billion spent every day, Russian weapons are ending

Moscow: On the third day of the Russia Ukraine War (Russia Ukraine War Latest News), heavy firing has been seen in the capital Kiev. Ukrainian troops are fighting with Russian troops in full force. It is feared that this war (Russia Ukraine Crisis Latest Updates) may continue for the next few days. Meanwhile, pro-Ukraine EU MP Riho Terras has made a sensational claim about the Russia-Ukraine war. He said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is angry. They thought that this war would be very easy and everything would be over in one to four days. But looking at the current situation, it doesn’t seem so. Today, the US-led NATO has announced that it is going to give more weapons to Ukraine. In such a situation, it is being feared that Ukraine is not going to give up so easily. Ukraine’s Defense Ministry has also appealed to the general public to join the army. Former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and female MP Kira Rudik are seen with rifles in their hands.

MP claims – Russia does not have a strategic plan
EU MP Riho Teras is a politician and former military officer from the European country of Estonia. He is serving as a member of the European Parliament since 1 February 2020. He also served as the Chief of Staff of the Estonian Army from 2011 to 2018. He was promoted to the rank of General in 2017. In one tweet after another, he claimed that the Russians did not have a strategic plan. The cost of the war is about $20 billion a day. Rockets are with any country for a maximum of 3-4 days, they are rarely used. In such a situation, Russia has a shortage of weapons. The Tula and Rotenberg plants could not meet the shortage of weapons of the Russian army. They can only supply rifles and bullets. Weapons for the Russian army can be made in the next 3 to 4 months, that too if they have enough raw materials for it. Raw materials used to make Russian weapons came from Slovenia, Finland and Germany, which have now stopped due to sanctions.

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If there is a war for 10 days, then Russia will talk under compulsion
Riho Terras also claimed that Moscow would be forced to return to the negotiating table if Ukraine engages Russian forces for 10 days. This is because Russia has no money, weapons or resources. Yet they remain apathetic about international sanctions. The Russian Army’s Alpha Special Operations Unit has been stationed near Kiev since February 18. His aim is to take control of Kiev and establish a puppet government. The MP also claimed that Russian soldiers were preparing provocations against innocent civilians – women and children – to spread panic. This is their trump card.

Russia Ukraine Latest News: Russian army enters Ukraine’s capital Kiev, will Putin agree or intend to bring down Zelensky’s government?
Russia wants Zelensky to flee and the army to lay down its arms
He said that the entire plan of Russia is based on terror. Russia wants the civilian and armed forces to surrender and Zelensky flees. They expect Kharkiv to surrender first so that other cities follow the same path to avoid the bloodshed. He also pointed out that the Russians are shocked by the fierce resistance they have faced. Riho Terras appealed, saying that Ukrainian citizens should avoid panicking. The missile strikes are meant for intimidation, with the Russians trying to create panic by accidentally attacking residential buildings. Ukraine must stand firm and provide assistance to us.

Russia Army 011

Russian army


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