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Russia Ukraine War: Ukraine is targeting Russia’s strategic bases! Drone attack on oil refinery started fire

Moscow: A drone strike in southwestern Russia, bordering Ukraine, caught fire at a refinery on Wednesday, although no casualties were reported. Russia said the fire at the refinery was quickly brought under control. The fire engulfed industrial equipment at the Novoshkhtinsk oil processing plant in the Rostov-on-Don region. Dozens of firefighters brought the blaze under control in half an hour and there were no casualties, officials said. Terming the attack as a terrorist act, the refinery said in a statement that the fire was caused by two drone strikes.

Refinery was targeted by two drones
The refinery did not provide further details, but state news agency Tass said two Ukrainian drones flew over the plant and one of them hit the heat exchanger, causing the fire. Ukrainian officials have not claimed responsibility for the drone attack. A video posted on a messaging app channel showed a drone taking off and hitting a refinery, followed by a huge plume of smoke in the sky.

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Work halted at refinery due to attack
However, the authenticity of this video could not be independently verified. Rostov regional governor Vasily Golubev said fragments of two drones were found in the area of ​​the plant. The refinery said it has temporarily suspended operations to assess the damage.

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Russian helicopter enters Estonia’s airspace
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) member Estonia said on Tuesday that a Russian military helicopter violated its airspace last week and the Russian ambassador was summoned to protest the incident. Estonia’s military said in a statement that a Russian Mi-8 helicopter entered the country’s airspace without permission on Saturday evening. The area was near the Russian city of Peskov.


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