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Russian businessmen paying the price of war with Ukraine, 116 billionaires drowned $126 billion

Russia Ukraine Conflict: Not only Ukraine, but Russia is also suffering the loss of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. He is suffering the most on the economic front. Sanctions imposed by America and its allies, European countries and other countries where it is hurting. At the same time, since the beginning of the war, both Russia’s stock market and its currency ruble have been falling badly since the announcement of the alert for nuclear weapons. Due to this billions of rupees of the billionaires have been drowned. Since the start of the war, $126 billion of 116 billionaires has been sunk.

meeting with billionaires

On Sunday, Russian President Putin discussed all aspects about the war while meeting in the Kremlin. 13 billionaires were present in the meeting. Putin told these people that we had no other option but to do this. According to sources, not a single billionaire spoke anything in the meeting.

Loss of $ 71 billion on Thursday

According to a report by Forbes, 116 billionaires have lost more than $126 billion since Russia invaded Ukraine. The report said that Russia’s Moex index had lost about $ 71 billion on Thursday, after closing down 33% and the ruble falling to a record low against the dollar. The report also said that among the businessmen present at the Kremlin meeting, 5 billionaires Aleperov, Mikhelson, Mordashov, Potanin and Kerimov were the ones who suffered the most on Thursday. At least 11 Russian billionaires lost $1 billion or more on Thursday.

Britain has imposed many restrictions

Earlier this week, the British government banned several billionaires, including Putin’s former son-in-law (and former billionaire) Kirill Shamalov. Since the Russian attacks on Ukraine, Britain also announced a freeze on assets of Russian banks and a ban on Russian citizens holding more than $66,000 (£50,000) in UK bank accounts, the report said.

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