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Russian Invasion: Russia has prepared for chemical attack, Zelensky warns – if nothing is done, it will be a disaster!

Kyiv : The war between Russia and Ukraine now threatens the use of chemical weapons. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned on Monday that Russia could use chemical weapons against Ukraine. He called on Western countries to impose more stringent sanctions to prevent this possible attack. Zelensky’s warning comes at a time when some unconfirmed reports suggest chemical weapons were used in Mariupol, southern Ukraine.

“We are taking this very seriously,” Zelensky said in his video message. “I want to remind world leaders that the potential use of chemical weapons by Russia has already been discussed,” he said. At the time this meant that it was imperative to react more harshly and swiftly to Russian aggression.’ Zelensky did not say whether chemical weapons had been used.
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Western countries worried over reports of chemical attack
The United States and Britain say they are deeply concerned about reports that claim the Russian military has used chemical weapons to attack the Mariupol port. Ukraine’s Azov regiment said three soldiers were wounded in an attack on Monday by “a toxic substance”. However, there is currently no evidence regarding the use of chemical weapons.

America said – if the news is true then it is very worrying
An aide to the mayor of Mariupol said reports about the chemical attack were not confirmed and that he would issue details and clarifications later. Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby said the US was aware of these reports but could not confirm them. Kirby said that we cannot confirm these reports but are monitoring the situation closely. If this news is true then it is very worrying.

US giving life-saving equipment to Ukraine
A Biden administration official said the US was providing Ukraine with life-saving equipment that could be used to ward off Russia’s potential chemical and biological weapons, Reuters reported. According to the report several equipments have already been delivered. The European Union said on Monday that imposing further sanctions on Russia was an option.


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