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Russian Military Marking: Why Z, O, V, X and A are written on Russian army vehicles, know the meaning of all these here

Moscow: The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for the last 10 days. The armies of both the countries are constantly targeting each other. The Russian army is trying to capture Ukraine’s capital Kyiv (Russian Military Marking). At the same time, the Ukrainian Army is maintaining its dominance inside the city. Meanwhile, pictures of Russian army tanks and other vehicles are also becoming very viral. Many letters of English like Z, O, V, X and A are written on these vehicles. In such a situation, people are curious about what these letters mean and why the Russian army writes them.

Russian Defense Ministry equivocally replied
The Russian Defense Ministry issued a statement saying that Z means victory and V means power of truth. Apart from this, the meaning of O, X and A is not given. However, the meaning of Z and V given by the Russian Defense Ministry is also questionable. Now military experts have claimed that these letters have been written according to the respective areas of the Russian army. This identifies the trains to which command they belong to.

English letters written on vehicles What do these letters mean
Z Eastern Military District
Z in the box Russian army stationed in Crimea
O Russian army stationed in Belarus
V Russian Naval Infantry
X Kadyrov Chechnya
A Alpha Ground Special Forces

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Know the meaning of letters in English
The vehicles written in Z belong to the Eastern Military District of the Russian Army. On the other hand, the vehicles written in Z inside the square box are attached to the Russian army stationed in Crimea. The vehicles written in O belong to the Russian army stationed in Belarus. The vehicles on which V is written are of the Naval Infantry of Russia. Cars with X have come from Kadyrov Chechnya. The vehicles written in A are from the Russian Army’s Alpha Ground Special Forces.

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Putin facing protests at home over attack on Ukraine
Ukraine is responding to the Russian attack and Russian President Vladimir Putin was aware of it. This move of the Russian President was also strongly opposed in the United Nations General Assembly, but domestic protests in Russia have become a matter of concern for Putin. In Russia, the general public is demonstrating in the streets against the war. In the first week of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, police have detained at least 7,669 people protesting the war, according to OVD-Info, a Russian human rights organization. People detained in St Petersburg include everyone from young children to the elderly.

A serviceman of pro-Russian militia walks next to a military convoy in the Luhansk region.

Know the meaning of English letters written on Russian army vehicles


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