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Russian President Putin praised PM Modi, know what he said?

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Russian President Putin praised PM Modi

Russia Ukraine War News: Russian President Vladimir Putin has once again praised Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. President Putin has said that I cannot even imagine being able to intimidate, threaten or force Modi to take action against the interests of India or the people of India or to take decisions in the national interest. Well, I know that there is such pressure on them. Although we never talk about it.

In the context of India and relations, President Putin said that ‘I only see what is happening from outside. To be honest, sometimes I am surprised by Modi’s tough stance on protecting the national interests of the Indian people. In the program ‘Russia Calling Forum’, Putin answered many such questions and expressed his views. Putin said that relations between Russia and India are developing in all directions. The special thing is that its main guarantee is the policy of PM Modi. PM Modi is continuously taking decisions in the interest of India.

Putin had praised earlier also

Earlier, in a program on October 4, Putin had praised PM Modi and his insistence on Made in India. He had said that ‘Narendra Modi is a very intelligent person. Under his leadership, India is making great progress in terms of development. Working on his agenda completely matches the interests of both India and Russia.

Putin can become President for the fifth time

Let us tell you that presidential elections are to be held in Russia in the month of March, the date for this has been announced. Now presidential elections will be held in Russia on 17 March 2024. It is believed that Putin will contest for this post for the fifth time. However, the opposition is very weak in front of Putin. However, they may still have to face many challenges in view of the war between Russia and Ukraine.

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