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Russian President Vladimir Putin announced, ‘Next year Russia will preside over BRICS’

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Russian President Vladimir Putin

Putin on Brics Summit in Russia: Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that he will preside over the BRICS countries next year. Putin once again adopted an aggressive stance against Western countries. He took the western countries to task for the global order. He said that next year a BRICS conference will be held under the chairmanship of Russia, which will be dedicated to establishing a fair global order.

The rules-based world order doesn’t really exist.

Russian President Putin said in a press conference on Thursday that the next BRICS summit will be held in the Russian city of Kazan. During this time we will motivate the current situation to move in the right direction. The rules-based world order does not actually exist. It changes every day according to political agendas, interests and propaganda. We will make it clear in our summit that there are other powerful countries in this world, which do not want to follow the rules. Other powerful countries want to grow on the basis of fundamental policies.

Know what is BRICS

BRICS, an acronym for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, is an informal partnership that promotes cooperation and communication among member countries. There is no formal or legally binding agreement between the BRICS countries. The term BRICS was coined by Jim O’Neill, who used the term to emphasize the potential of these countries within the global economy at the time.

Be it BRICS or G20, Putin participates in conferences only through video conferencing.

Earlier, Russian President Putin had been participating in BRICS conferences only through video conferencing. This has happened since the war between Russia and Ukraine. Earlier, the BRICS summit was held in Johannesburg, South Africa. Then Putin had decided to attend the conference through video conferencing. In fact, Russian President Putin has been convicted by the International Court of kidnapping and cruelty to children in Ukraine. He has also issued a warrant against Putin.

South Africa, which chairs the BRICS summit, has also been a member of the International Court of Justice. In such a situation, there was increasing pressure on South Africa from the International Court to arrest Putin who was coming to attend the conference. Therefore, he considered it necessary to participate through video conferencing only. At the same time, Russian President Putin did not come to India for the G20 conference held in India. He participated in this conference through video conferencing only.

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