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Russian soldiers are running away from Ukrainian soldiers, now how will Russia face Ukraine in war?

KyivThe war has reached a new direction due to the speed with which the Ukrainian army is attacking Russian troops in the eastern Kharkiv region. Ukrainian troops have liberated dozens of towns and villages from Russian forces. According to experts, the Russian soldiers did not face the Ukrainian soldiers at all and fled. Earlier, Ukrainian President Voldimor Zelensky had claimed that the Ukrainian military had taken back 6,000 square meters of land from Russia. Not only this, he even made fun of Russian soldiers.
where will the war go
Russian military expert Nikolay Mitrokhin, who is currently working at the University of Germany, has expressed his views on this whole incident. “Within just four days, Ukraine has ruined the hard work of the Russian military in four months,” he said. Because of this, now they are seen suffering. At the same time, the speed with which Ukraine has gained control of the western part of Russia’s border and north of Luhansk has raised many questions.

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Russian soldiers fled

Russian soldiers abandoned their armored vehicles and their reaction was also very disappointing. After the videos that surfaced and what was said in military reports from Ukraine, it did not appear that these soldiers were responding to any kind of aggression. A narrow road connects Kupiyansk and Izyum, which lie on the Russian border. But here the Russian soldiers surrendered within a few minutes. Mitrokhin says that it appears that Russia deliberately decided to leave the area. The kind of manpower and weapons used was also quite disappointing.

Question on training of soldiers
He said that the decision was taken by the Ministry of Defense of Russia, which included the withdrawal of the army from Kharkiv. The top officials had decided that only the resources available on the border of Donastek and Luhansk should be used here. Apart from this, Russian defense expert Yuri Fyodorov has written in Novaya Gazeta Daily, ‘These soldiers had received very bad training. They had no fighting experience and did not know what was going on in Ukraine and why they risked their lives.

what did ukrainian president say
At the same time, Ukrainian President Vlodimor Zelensky has also given a statement on this performance of Russian soldiers. He has said that Russia has suffered its biggest defeat in this seven-month war. “Since the beginning of September, our troops have recaptured the Ukrainian border of 6,000 square kilometers to the east and south,” he said. Now we are moving ahead. Zelensky’s confidence can be felt in this statement that came on Monday. “In some places on the front, our troops reached the border with Russian troops,” said Oleh Sinyehubov, governor of the North-East Kharkiv region.



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