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Russian spies are present everywhere in Britain, from cab drivers to senior officials, Putin’s ‘sleeper cell’

London: About 1,000 Russian spies are in Britain. These spies have mixed themselves among the common people. This has been revealed in a new report. New intelligence analysis says Vladimir Putin’s spies are acting normal. These can range from cab drivers to waiters. They keep their identity hidden. The analysis found that the spies are controlled by the Russian intelligence agency SVR. Along with this, it is also being claimed that they have infiltrated the top of the UK government as well.

These findings have caused concern. In view of the new threat, employers are being given more and more information. According to the Daily Star report, an intelligence source alleged that Russia has such a large network of spies that their men are working in every field. “We should not think that these people cannot be spies. This includes students, trade unions, protesting groups, teachers, Uber drivers as well as politicians, the civil service and the police.
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Decrease in the number of spies
The number of known spies working at the Russian Embassy in London has decreased in recent years. But the number of questionable people working covertly for the Russian government has grown. The information comes at a time when Putin’s army has had to make a humiliating retreat from Kherson in the Russo-Ukrainian war. It is only after this that the apprehension is high that Putin will resort to tough measures because of his defeat. He can take any kind of step to save his reputation.
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73,000 Russians living in Britain
There are an estimated 73,000 Russian expatriates living in the UK. A fraction of these are considered Russian spies by the British intelligence service. But it is not that there are only Russians among the spies. On Friday, David Smith, a guard who worked at the British embassy in Germany, pleaded guilty to sharing information with Russia. It is believed that Putin’s spies are present even in the most secure places. It also includes nuclear power stations, air force and navy bases. Recently it was reported that the mobile phone of former UK PM Liz Truss was also hacked by Russia.



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