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Russia’s Brahmastra ‘Kinjhal’ was shot down by Ukraine, this American missile is amazing

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Russia’s Brahmastra ‘Kinjhal’ shot down by Ukraine

Russia Ukraine War News: War continues between Russia and Ukraine. Ukraine is now counterattacking the Russian army. While Russia is continuously dropping bombs on Ukraine, Ukraine is thwarting Russian attacks. Meanwhile, Ukraine claimed that it has shot down Russia’s hypersonic missile Kinjal. Russian President Vladimir Putin had described the Kinzhal missile as ‘invincible’ and praised it. Ukrainian soldiers are very excited after the fall of this Russian Kinzhal missile.

Meanwhile, Ukraine has indicated that it has shot down a Russian hypersonic missile with the help of America’s Patriot system. Till now it was believed that Russia’s hypersonic missiles could not be destroyed in the air, but Ukraine’s success has given Putin great tension.

Claim of shooting down Kinzhal missile in the sky of capital Kiev

Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Yuriy Inhat has announced that their forces have shot down an X-47M Kinzhal missile over the capital Kiev. He said that this attack was carried out by the Russian Army on 14 December. “One missile has been shot down,” Inhat said. This has also been confirmed by the Chief of the Ukrainian Air Force. The Russian Defense Ministry has not yet given any statement in this regard. Ukraine’s claim of shooting down Kinjhal has not yet been independently confirmed.

Know about Kinjhal missile

This is a Russian hypersonic missile, which is considered very dangerous, whose target causes destruction. Its speed is faster than sound. Kinjal missile is considered one of the advanced weapons of Russia. According to the claim of the Russian Army, the range of air-launched ballistic missile is up to 2000 kilometers. It flies at a speed 10 times more than the speed of sound and it becomes difficult to stop it. Hypersonic speed and its warhead enable the missile to destroy targets hidden in underground bunkers or mountain tunnels.

Earlier Ukraine had claimed that it did not have the capability to stop the Kinzhal missile attack. Russia then claimed that the American Patriot was an old weapon, while Russian weapons were the best in the world. But the result of Kinjhal created a different story. Meanwhile, Ukrainian media warned that Russia may now fire more Kinzhal missiles at Ukraine’s capital Kiev.

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