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Salman Rushdie’s son said- ‘Father’s funny style remains intact, but…’

Salman Rushdie Health Update: Zafar Rushdie, son of writer Salman Rushdie, who was injured in the deadly attack, told that his father’s condition is still critical, but his spirited nature and witty style remains intact. In fact, Rushdie (75) was attacked with a knife by Hadi Matar (24) of New Jersey during an event in New York on Friday. On Saturday, Rushdie was removed from the ventilator and after that he also talked a bit.

The author’s son, Zafar Rushdie, told Sunday that his family had received a . Got a big relief’ and now he is able to speak a little bit. He told that Rushdie is no longer being given extra oxygen. Zafar tweeted, “After the attack on Friday, my father’s condition remains critical and is undergoing treatment at the hospital.”

What do the family members of author Salman Rushdie have to say?

The family members thanked the people present in the program being held at the Chautauqua Institute in New York. Zafar Rushdie said that he thanked those who bravely came forward to defend Rushdie after the attack on him at the event. The family members of famous writer Salman Rushdie also thanked the police and doctors. They, . He also expressed gratitude for the love and support received from people around the world.

Salman Rushdie’s ex-wife Padma Lakshmi has earlier said, ‘It is a matter of relief that Salman Rushdie’s health is improving. I am worried and helpless. I wish him a speedy recovery. Let us tell you that Rushdie (75) and Chennai-born Padma Lakshmi married in 2004. The two separated in 2007. A writer by profession and host of the popular TV show ‘TopChef’, Lakshmi (51) was Rushdie’s fourth wife. At the same time, according to the news of ‘New York Times’, Rushdie’s agent Andrew Wiley said, his health is improving. It will take time to recover. The injury is serious, but his health is improving.

Author Salman Rushdie faced death threats from Islamic extremists for years after writing the book, The Satanic Verses. Hadi Matar, who attacked Rushdie, appeared in court on Saturday, where he did not plead guilty to attempted murder. At the same time, the court refused to grant him bail.

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