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Save from mob lynching… when a thief trapped in Jhantu Mian’s shop called the police at the Bandar police station

Dhaka: A thief trapped inside a shop after a burglary in Bangladesh’s Barishal district called the police asking for help to avoid a possible mob lynching. The thief had entered a grocery shop in AR Bazar of Bandar area on Thursday night. Hearing the sound of knocking inside, the people of the neighborhood came to know about the thief and surrounded the shop. Due to lack of keys to the shop, people could not go inside to catch the thief, so they surrounded the outside. This shop belonged to a person from Bangladesh, Jhantu Miyan. When Jhantu Miyan reached to open the shop in the morning, he was surprised to see the crowd and the police. No one had informed him about this incident.

Police officer said – saw such a case first in life
According to the police, the thief felt that the mob would thrash him if he himself went out of the shop, so he called the police through the national helpline number ‘999’ and explained his situation and helped him to get out safely. Asked. Sensing the danger, the local police acted immediately. The thief told that he is locked inside a shop and he fears that he might be mob lynched. Bandar police station chief Asaduzzaman told reporters, “This is the first time in my decade-long career that a thief has called the police after committing a crime.

The shop owner was not even aware of the incident
During this, the owner of the shop, Jhantu Mian, could not understand what was happening. When he came to open his shop on Friday morning, he saw a crowd gathered outside the shop and the police were conducting searches. Shop owner Jhantu Miyan told reporters that the police stopped me from entering my shop for some time. After some time they brought a person out. After that I understood what was happening. Police said the accused is a professional thief and has been arrested on charges of attempt to theft.



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