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Scientist from Chowkidar and now MP in America, know who is Mr. Thanedar of Karnataka, who has won the historic victory

Washington: Mid-term elections are in the air in America and everyone is talking about former President Donald Trump. In these elections, the Republicans have outperformed the Democrats. But there is one Democrat who has conquered the Republican fortress. With his victory, he has also increased the status of India. His name is Mr. Thanedar and he has become the first Indian-American leader to have won an election in Michigan, USA. Sho has now reached the US House of Representatives and has defeated Martel Bivings of the Republican Party. The story of Thanedar is inspiring in itself. For the last few days, there have been discussions in India only about the new Prime Minister of Britain, Rishi Sunak. The story of Mr. Thanedar is equally inspiring and after knowing this, he will also be mentioned like Sunak in the times to come.

hard life
Mr. Sho is now a US lawmaker but he is an entrepreneur. This is the first time in Michigan that an Indian has won here. Listening to his speeches on YouTube, you will not be able to stay without being impressed by him. Mr Thanedar, 67, a billionaire, has joined the ranks of Raja Krishnamurthy, Ro Khanna and Pramila Jayapal.

Sri Thanedar was born in a low-income family in 1955 in Belgaum, Karnataka. Life was going through difficulties and suddenly at the age of 55, the father retired. After the retirement of his father, he had to do many types of work at the age of 14 to help the family. After the death of his father, he also worked as a watchman. Indians shine in the US mid-term elections, four Indians got a big victory from the Democratic Party
Still not broken
Despite the difficulties, the Thanedar graduated in Chemistry from the University of Mumbai at the age of 18. After this, he also took a master’s degree from the same university. After this he got the job of scientist in Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC). Then in the year 1979, he went abroad to do his PhD from Akron University in America. In 1982, he got his PhD degree and in 1988 he took American citizenship. Sho also worked at the University of Michigan after his PhD. In 1984, he got a job as a researcher in Petrolite Corp.

Bought the same company where you used to work
Mr. Thanedar started working at Kemir Polytech Laboratories in 1990 for $15 an hour. In 1991, he took a loan of $ 75,000 from the bank and bought this company. In the first year, he did a business of $150,000 and had only three employees. By the year 2005, its revenue reached $ 16 million and the number of people working here had increased to 160, of which 40 were with PhD degrees. By the year 2008, 500 people worked in the company of the police officer and the revenue was $ 55 million.
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dream of coming to india
The SHO says that he came to America with great expectations. His every hope and every dream was fulfilled in America. Now he wants to return something to this country. He says that he has fulfilled his American Dream, but still there are many people whose dream is incomplete. He wanted to do something for the black community. So he decided to contest the election. He believes that he has been very fortunate and now he wants to serve the people. He has written his autobiography in Marathi and in it he has told that he misses India a lot. Due to Kovid-19, he has not been able to come to the country for the last two years.



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