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Scott Morrison: When the Australian PM met in the pub, the common man heard the truth, the woman said – you are the worst Prime Minister!

Newcastle : Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison suddenly arrived at a Newcastle pub on Wednesday night where he felt uncomfortable. A local elderly disabled pensioner told him about the economic condition of elderly Australians. Man slams Australian PM over income restrictions for pensioners. During this, the media was also present with Morrison and its video is being shared a lot on social media.

The pensioner reprimanded Morrison
According to the video shared on the BBC, the pensioner told Morrison, ‘When you were elected last time you said that we will help all those people who have worked all their lives, paid taxes. I have worked all my life and paid taxes. Morrison offered to talk to the angry man with his staff to vent his displeasure.

The woman said – the worst PM!
Due to this the person’s mercury increased further and he refused to leave from there. Morrison encountered a woman here who was recording her own video. The woman, posing for a photo with Morrison, said, ‘Thank you for being the worst prime minister ever.’ Speaking to Guardian Australia, the woman said Morrison had said ‘thank you’ in response. Australian elections are due to be announced in May. The ‘cost of living’ is a major issue in the country’s elections.


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