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Secret hospital tunnel of Hamas terrorists found, Israeli army made big claim

Image Source: Reuters
Secret hospital tunnel of Hamas terrorists found

It has been more than three months since the war between Israel and Hamas. Thousands of people have died in this war. Israel claims that they have killed thousands of Hamas terrorists and their masters. Meanwhile, the Israeli Army has released a video claiming to have found a tunnel used by Hamas terrorists.

According to the Israeli army, this huge tunnel system extends for four kilometers (2.5 miles). Its entrance is located only 400 meters (1,310 ft) from the Erez crossing. Which is used by Gazans on a daily basis to enter Israel for work and medical treatment in Israeli hospitals. The tunnel system was a project led by Mohammed Sinwar, brother of Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar and commander of Hamas’s Khan Younis Battalion.

It will take several months to destroy Hamas – Israeli Defense Minister

Earlier, Israeli Defense Minister Yaav Galant predicted that the war would last for a long time and said that it would take several months to destroy Hamas. His statement has come when the pressure on Israel and its top ally America to become internationally isolated over the devastation in Gaza has increased. US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan recently met with Israeli leaders to discuss a timeline for ending major fighting in Gaza.

We will eliminate Hamas

Israeli leaders reiterated their resolve to continue the military offensive until the terrorist organization responsible for the October 7 attack is eliminated. The administration of US President Joe Biden has shown discomfort with Israel’s failures to reduce casualties and its plans for the future of Gaza, but at the same time the White House is fully supporting Israel by sending weapons.

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