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Senate approves Biden’s ambitious climate plan, US President said this

Climate, Tax And Health Care Plan: After 18 months of negotiations and debate, the US Senate on Sunday passed Joe Biden’s ambitious climate, tax and health care plan. This is a big victory for the President before the important midterm elections.

Voting as a unified bloc and with a tie-breaking vote cast by Vice President Kamala Harris, Democrats approved a $430 billion spending plan, which will be passed to the House of Representatives next week. where it is expected to be passed before being signed into law.

Largest US investment on climate ever
The plan, prepared in sensitive talks with right-wing members of the Democratic Party, will include the largest ever US investment on climate. The $370 billion investment aims to effect a 40 percent drop in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. It would give Biden a clear victory over one of his top agenda items and move toward restoring US leadership in meeting the global climate challenge.

Biden praised the bill’s passage, highlighting the work done in it. However, he admitted that not everyone is happy with the final result. “This required a number of agreements. The House should pass it as soon as possible and I look forward to signing it into law,” the president said in a statement.

What is in this bill?
The bill would provide a tax credit of up to $7,500 for ordinary Americans when buying an electric car, as well as a 30 percent discount on installing solar panels on roofs .

It will commit millions of dollars to help protect and conserve forests, which have been increasingly devastated by wildfires during record heat waves in recent years. The bill would provide $64 billion for health care initiatives and ensure to reduce the cost of some drugs – which can be 10 times more expensive in the United States than in other wealthy countries.

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