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Severe cold wreaks havoc in Pakistan, 36 children died, morning assembly closed in schools

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Severe cold wreaks havoc in Pakistan

Pakistan News: It is extremely cold in the Punjab province of Pakistan. The cold is so severe that pneumonia has spread in the Punjab province of Pakistan. At least 36 children have died from pneumonia. Frightened by the increasing cold, the administration has banned morning prayer meetings in schools. This information was given in an official statement.

The decision to ban prayer meetings till January 31 has been taken in view of the rise in the number of pneumonia cases among school children besides the death of 36 children in the province. A statement issued by the Punjab government said, ‘At least 36 children died of pneumonia due to the severe cold in Punjab. Due to this, the government was forced to impose a ban on holding morning prayer meetings in schools till January 31.

990 children died last year

Holidays have been announced for nursery and play school children till January 19. It said, ‘Last year, 990 children died due to pneumonia in Punjab.’ Acting Chief Minister of Punjab province Mohsin Naqvi held a detailed discussion with senior doctors regarding adopting preventive measures to protect children from pneumonia.

Advisory issued for school children

Children are also being asked to wear masks to prevent the increasing cases of pneumonia in view of the harsh winter. Besides, they have also been advised to wash hands before eating and wear warm clothes. Guidelines are also being issued from time to time by the local administration to protect children from cold during the winter season.

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