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SH-15 Howitzer Pakistan: How dangerous is China’s SH-15 Howitzer? Pakistan bought to compete with India


  • Pakistan buys SH-15 howitzers to compete with India
  • This howitzer can attack up to a distance of 53 km
  • Pakistan is buying 236 howitzers from China, delivery has started

Islamabad: Pakistan has bought Pakistan SH-15 Howitzer from China to counter India. This howitzer will be mainly deployed in mountainous areas along the border with India. Made in China, this weapon can fire 155 mm shells. This Howitzer (SH-15 Howitzer) is fitted on the chassis of the truck. In such a situation, it can be easily deployed from one place to another in a short time. It is reported that Pakistan had signed a deal to buy 236 SH-15 155 mm howitzers from China in 2019. Some of these units have been handed over to Pakistan this year. In 2018 also this howitzer appeared at a Defense Expo in Karachi. It was also told that Pakistan had also tested this howitzer in the hilly areas near Karachi.

This new 155mm truck-mounted howitzer from China first appeared in 2017. The SH-15 howitzer is based on the design of the older SH-1 gun from China. It was made primarily for export. Now China has made many improvements to the new SH-15 howitzer. The SH-15 was inducted into its army by the Chinese Army in 2018 or 2019 under the name PCL-181 (PCL-181 China). This howitzer was deployed in place of China’s old PL-66 field howitzer. China first publicly displayed this operational howitzer during a military parade in 2019.

This howitzer can hit up to 53 km
The range of the PCL-181 howitzer is said to be 53 km. This howitzer is capable of firing 155 mm NATO ammunition as well as indigenous ammunition. A total of five crew members are required to operate it. The weapon is fitted on the chassis of a Shaanxi truck with 6×6 wheels. The cabin of this truck has been made bulletproof. The windows and windshield in the cabin are bulletproof. One of its trucks is fitted with four boxes to carry 60 rounds of ammunition.

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This weapon is capable of firing nuclear bullets
This howitzer has been made by the Chinese state-owned arms manufacturer Northern Industries Corporation. The company claims that this howitzer can be easily used even in mountainous plains and marshy areas. In many reports, it was even claimed that this Chinese howitzer is capable of firing even nuclear shells. However, this has not been confirmed by any reliable source. Pakistan has been working on making smaller versions of nuclear weapons since 1984. Pakistan’s former military dictator and self-proclaimed President Pervez Musharraf told an American diplomat that Pakistan had a small nuclear bomb.

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Pakistan has bought VT-4 tank from China
Pakistan has also procured VT-4 tanks from China. This tank is manufactured by China’s state-owned armored vehicle manufacturer Norinco. The delivery of VT-4 tanks was started from April last year, however, so far no information has been received about how many units have been handed over. Pakistan is the third country after Thailand and Nigeria to have bought these tanks from China. After joining the Armored Corps in September last year, the Pakistan Army had test-fired this tank at the Tilla Field Firing Range.

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How powerful is China’s VT-4 tank
China’s VT-4 Main Battle Tank is also known as MBT-3000. It is China’s third generation main battle tank. China has specially made this tank to sell to other countries. Weighing 52 tonnes, this tank is 10.10 meters long and 3.4 meters wide. This tank can be operated by three crew members. In which there is a driver, second commander and third gunner. Its main weapon is a 125 mm gun. It is powered by a turbocharged engine that gives the tank a power of 1300 horsepower.


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