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Shahbaz, Bilawal, Imran… Kashmir rage shows the defeat of Pakistan, experts said – India will not bow down to 370!

Islamabad : In Pakistan for a long time, only the face of power changes but its rhetoric, its words and its issues remain the same. Whether Imran Khan speaks or Shahbaz Sharif in the United Nations, the speech of both remains almost the same. Whenever it comes to relations with India, Pakistan’s Kashmir rage starts. Since 2019, Pakistan has been demanding withdrawal of the decision to remove Article 370 from Kashmir. Recently, Pakistan PM Shahbaz Sharif and Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto, who arrived in New York to participate in the United Nations session, were also seen chanting the old melody of 370. But experts say that Pakistan’s raising the issue of Article 370 from every forum, on the contrary, is harming it.

Speaking to the news channel WION in New York recently, Bilawal Bhutto said that the removal of Article 370 from Kashmir in 2019 made the road to peace with India difficult. In an event, he said that we want to build a manageable and responsible relationship with India. Earlier, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken had openly asked Pakistan to strengthen ties with India. At the same time, Shahbaz Sharif also spewed venom against India while addressing the United Nations General Assembly.

Modi is not Vajpayee or Manmohan, America did not give visa… Poisonous words of Pakistani Foreign Minister Bilawal
Kashmir raga is a means of delaying the conversation
Jeff M. Smith, director of the Asian Studies Center at The Heritage Foundation, believes that the repeated mention of Article 370 appears to be Pakistan’s self-defeating. There is no reason why India should reverse its Kashmir decision to pacify Pakistan. Taking to Twitter, he wrote, ‘This seems to be just an excuse to avoid talks, yet it is not helping Pakistan.

Use of the word ‘Kashmir’ 12 times in speech
Sharif had mentioned Kashmir more than 12 times, India more than 9 times, Hindu twice, Islam 4 times in his speech to the United Nations. Shahbaz said India should take credible steps to create a conducive environment for constructive engagement. We are neighbors and it is for us to decide whether to live in peace or fight with each other. He said that both the countries have modern weapons but war is not an option. We want peace with our neighbours, including India, which depends on the ‘solution’ of the Kashmir issue.



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