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Shakira smiles, meets with Ozuna and they record a video that will be indirect to Gerard Piqué – Latest US News Hub

Shakira, Colombian singer and former partner of FC Barcelona player Gerard Piqué.

Photo: Gareth Cattermole. /Getty Images

Shakira has smiled again from ear to ear and it is that, once again, the music and how hard-working she is save her again from the evils of the heart. At least a dozen photographers around the world were able to capture it in the recording of his new song and music video with the urban genre singer Ozuna, Jordi Martin, the paparazzi who has given the world almost all the recent photos of the Colombian, could be exclusively on the set. He assures that the song is a clear indirect to his ex Gerard Hammered,

In one of the images that were already leaked in the recording of the video that belongs to the new musical theme of Shakira with Ozuna, the Colombian is seen grabbing a heart with her hand. It is not necessary to explain what this could represent in the video. With seeing the latest news that refers to her separation with the star of the FC Barcelona, Gerard Piqué and his recent relationship with his girlfriend Clara Chia Marti, It is more than enough. Just the correspondent of el Gordo y La Flaca will announce this week the name of the song and all the details that happened there. The fact is that Shakira was seen smiling to all the fans who did not stop applauding her when she arrived on set.

Ozuna He also greeted the cameras and left a beautiful message for the interpreter of “Congratulations” On twitter: “Shakira you are beautiful, This not only speaks of the admiration that the reggaeton player has for him, but also clearly marks a position at this delicate moment for the singer. Shakira did not stop smiling since he arrived until he left. He was even encouraged to walk near all the fans who lined up on set to give him his full support.

While Clara Chia Marti and Gerard Pique They already live together in his apartment Barcelona and issues communications threatening the media with taking legal action if his privacy and that of his family are not respected, Shakira he devotes himself to his work. Making music is what she has done for over 30 years. In fact, a few days ago he was seen singing with his father William Mebarak on his 91st birthday.

Shakira was in London just fulfilling work commitments and on her return to Barcelona, ​​she wore ultra-tight military leggings while the press questioned her about the relationship between Clara Chia Marti and Gerard Pique, The Colombian never responded but yes i smile, It certainly seems to be turning the page.

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Shakira smiles, meets with Ozuna and they record a video that will be indirect to Gerard Piqué



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