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She cut her head, peeled her eyebrows, got her shoes licked… Pakistani girl refused to marry her friend’s father.

Lahore : A college student in Pakistan’s Punjab province was subjected to harassment and sexual abuse after her friend’s father refused to marry her. Her friend’s father, along with others, cut off the hair and eyebrows of this girl student. Also threatened that if she does not give him Rs 10 lakh, then the video of her harassment will be put on social media. The shocking incident took place on August 8 in Faisalabad, about 150 km from Lahore.

The accused were seen licking shoes in the video
On Tuesday, video of the incident surfaced in which the suspects are seen assaulting her, cutting off her hair and brows and making her lick the suspect’s shoes. Police said they have arrested the prime suspect, Sheikh Danish, his daughter and five other suspects. A Punjab Police spokesperson said that the police have arrested seven suspects including Danish and his daughter and raids are on to nab the rest of the suspects.
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Victim has been with elderly mother
The victim lived with her elderly mother while her two brothers live in the UK and Australia. Police have registered a case under relevant sections of Pakistan Penal Code against 15 suspects for kidnapping, harassment, extortion and sexual assault of this fifth year dental student. In the FIR, the victim said that she and Danish’s daughter Anna are friends and have close relations with Anna’s family. She said, ‘Anna’s father Sheikh Danish offered her marriage but my family and I turned it down. Danish is of my father’s age and when I told this to Anna, she got angry with me.
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assault on refusal of marriage proposal
He said that on August 8, when his brother returned from Britain, Danish and 14 of his accomplices came to the victim’s house and pressured her brother to agree to the marriage proposal. According to the victim, when her brother did not agree to the proposal, the suspect and his accomplices assaulted her and the girl and they forcibly took both of them to their homes. The suspects forced the girl to lick Danish’s shoes, cut off her hair and brows and made a video of the humiliation.

Mobile phones, cash and jewelry snatched
The FIR said, “The prime suspect (Danish) then took her (the victim) to another room where he sexually assaulted the girl and made a video of it.” According to the victim, the suspects snatched their mobile phones and Took Rs. 500000 in cash and gold ornaments worth Rs. 450,000.




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