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Ship full of migrants sinks off Libyan coast, fear of death of 61 people including women and children

Image Source: AP
Boat full of migrants sinks in Libya (symbolic)

A boat full of migrants has sunk off the coast of Libya. More than 61 migrants are feared dead in this. Relief and rescue teams have reached the spot. It is being told that about 86 migrants from Nigeria, Gambia and other African countries were on board this boat, which included women and children. At least 61 migrants are missing and presumed dead after their boat capsized off the coast of Libya, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said Saturday, the latest such tragedy in North Africa.

‚ÄčThe migrants’ boat is believed to have capsized in high waves after setting off from Zuwara on Libya’s northwest coast, killing those on board, IOM’s Libya office said in a statement to AFP. . However some people were rescued alive. IOM said about 86 migrants, including women and children from Nigeria, Gambia and other African countries, were on board the ship. Of these, 25 people have been rescued and transferred to a detention center in Libya. All survivors are in good condition and have received medical assistance from IOM staff.

Migrants were going to Europe via Italy

All the migrants who drowned on the Libyan coast were hoping to reach Europe via Italy. But Libya and Tunisia are among the places with the risk of dangerous sea voyages. More than 153,000 migrants from Tunisia and Libya have arrived in Italy this year, according to the UN refugee agency. Italy’s far-right Prime Minister Georgia Meloni won elections last year after vowing to curb illegal migration. Meloni’s hard-right government has so far taken several measures to restrict the activities of charity ships that rescue people attempting to make the dangerous border crossing from North Africa. His approach to tackling illegal migration received praise from British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak during a visit to Rome on Saturday. The two leaders vowed to stop the landing of migrant boats on their countries’ coasts and step up efforts to combat human traffickers.

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