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Six donkeys helping timber mafia arrested in Pakistan, main accused man absconding

Police Action Against Pakistani Donkeys: Six donkeys have been arrested in Chitral, Pakistan. The donkeys are accused of helping the Timber Mafia. According to Urdu News, six donkeys have been detained in the police station of Chitral district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the Timber Smuggling case. At the same time, the main accused in the smuggling have absconded.

The incident happened on Tuesday (October 18) night. On the orders of the Assistant Commissioner, the forest officer and the district administration raided a place called Darosh Gol to nab the smugglers. The suspected smugglers fled, leaving behind three donkeys. It is being told that the donkeys will be presented in the court for allegedly promoting the smuggling of wood.

Assistant commissioner Tausifullah said this

Tausifullah, assistant commissioner of Darosh, said, “On Tuesday night also, we had received information that wooden planks were being carried on donkeys to other villages. As soon as we reached, the accused fled into the forest but the donkeys accompanying them. was taken into custody. The henchmen of the timber mafia use donkeys to carry wood in the rainy drains.

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According to Sama TV, the unlucky donkeys were taken into custody and taken to the police station. According to Tausifullah, the forest department will present the donkeys in the court. Tausifullah said that the Forest Department has been directed to produce 6 donkeys in the court. However, this is not the first case of action on donkeys. In 2020, the Pakistani police arrested a donkey for participating in gambling. The name of a donkey was also included in the FIR of the case.

Caught donkeys are very smart!

According to the report of The Express Tribune, the detained donkeys are very smart. These donkeys used to smuggle wood on their own, taking it from one village to another. With this, it is believed that donkeys are an important source of income in Pakistan. They also play an important role in the GDP of the country.

China big buyer of Pakistani donkeys

A large section of Pakistan is completely dependent on animal husbandry. About 80 lakh rural households do animal husbandry in the country. The population of donkeys is increasing rapidly in Pakistan. According to reports, according to the last financial year, the number of donkeys in Pakistan had increased from 5.6 million to 57 lakh. China is a major buyer of Pakistani donkeys. China uses gelatin derived from donkey skin in many medicines. Pakistan gets up to 20 thousand rupees for a donkey from China.

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