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Smoke spread in the Parliament of this country, people ran away with cloth over their mouths

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Smoke spread even in the Parliament of this country

Poland News: A major security breach came to light in the Parliament of India on 13 December, when two youths jumped into the moving Parliament and spread smoke by spraying it. Both the accused were caught. A similar incident happened in the Parliament of another country like the Parliament of India. Here too, smoke spread in the Parliament. After spreading smoke from a fire extinguisher, security personnel were alerted and far-right MP Grzegorz was caught by security personnel after spreading smoke and taken out of the House. During this time, many MPs got scared and ran away from the Parliament with cloth over their mouths.

According to the information, a similar incident of two youths spreading smoke in the Indian Parliament has also been seen in the Polish Parliament. Here, the method adopted by far-right MP Grzegorz Braun to extinguish the Hanukkah candles kept in the lobby of the Polish Parliament is in the news. Braun extinguished the Hanukkah candles in Parliament with a fire extinguisher. His action created an uproar in the House, after which he was thrown out of the House.

Parliament video went viral on social media

The video of this incident is going viral on social media. In this video, Braun can be seen in the lobby of the MP with a fire extinguisher. He opens the knob of the fire extinguisher to extinguish the candles, after which the entire house goes up in smoke. Due to his action, the security personnel deployed there immediately catch him. However, in the meantime the situation had become such that the MPs present there were not able to even breathe. In such a situation, these MPs got scared and covered their faces with cloth and started running out of the Parliament.

Strong condemnation from leaders of political parties in Poland

Leaders of all major political parties in Poland condemned this ‘action’ by Grzegorz Braun in the Parliament. Also said that there will be no tolerance for anti-Semitic and xenophobic behavior in Parliament. Due to this act of this Polish MP, there was a delay in getting the vote of confidence of Polish politician Donald Tusk, who was named as PM on Monday itself.

This punishment was given for the wrong act of spreading smoke

According to media reports, for this act, Braun was barred from participating in Parliament proceedings for a day and half of his salary for three months was deducted. Parliament Speaker Szymon Holaunia has also described Braun’s action as condemnable. The speaker said that Poland is home to all religions.

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