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Snake News: Does the serpent come to avenge the death of the snake?… How does the snake like milk? Learn the biggest secrets

Washington: Snake is such a creature whose most species are poisonous. Snakes have neither legs, nor hands, nor can they speak, nor do they have ears. Despite this, snakes are counted among the most dangerous creatures in the world, which can kill humans in many cases. But just as it is false that ‘every snake is poisonous’, similarly there are many such things about snakes which are quite popular but are just rumours.

The most popular belief about snakes is that snakes are attracted to milk. In many cases it is also linked to religion but this is not true. It has been proved that snakes are not interested in milk. Veterinary experts say that reptiles like snakes cannot digest dairy products. Snakes can only drink milk when they are thirsty or dehydrated. Most of the beliefs about snakes are born from films with fictional stories.

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Does the snake take revenge?
It is said that if a snake is killed, another snake definitely comes to avenge the death of its partner. The story of ‘Naag and Naagin’ has been shown in many films, in which one kills the other and avenges the death of his partner. There is also a myth that if you see one snake, another will also be around, whereas this is not the case. There is another myth about snakes. Some people believe that snakes have the power to hypnotize.

Snakes don’t fly, they only run
The truth is that snakes do not have eyelids. So when they look at someone it appears like staring. As far as the people getting paralyzed on seeing the snake, there can be reasons like fear or snake poison behind it. Another myth is that snakes can fly. Snakes cannot fly, they can only run fast. Black Mamba is considered to be the fastest snake in the world which can run at a speed of about 10 to 15 km/h.

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