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South Africa lifts all Kovid restrictions, no longer necessary to wear masks

Durban. South Africa has lifted all restrictions related to the corona virus. Now wearing masks and social distancing is not necessary here. After the announcement of Health Minister Joe Fahla, there will be no ban on public functions. The government has removed all restrictions imposed for more than two years due to the Kovid 19 pandemic. Foreigners coming to South Africa also no longer need to show the negative report of the Kovid test and the vaccination certificate.

Fahla said that after moving towards a positive direction for more than three weeks, we have discovered that the peak infection was a limited 5th wave driven by the sub-variant, which was not a new form of concern. It is also gradually decreasing. So lifting the ban will not pose any risk.
Fahla said on Wednesday that he signed a government paper issuing all remaining health regulations after the National Coronavirus Command Council, set up by President Cyril Ramaphosa in March 2020. Now the cabinet has approved his recommendation.
The government also requested that it is necessary to vaccinate every person to end the epidemic. That’s why vaccination should continue. He said that we are stronger than ever. especially with vaccination. We request those who have not yet been vaccinated or who have not taken a booster dose to come forward.

Fahla said the immunization program would remain in place, but would now be counted among the general health services. He further said that the entire population has got at least the dose. However, the government’s target to vaccinate even 70 percent of the adult population has not been achieved.

He also said that this fourth wave of Omicron variants is underway. Due to its rapid spread, more number of people have been affected. Due to which the natural immunity has increased. Due to which positive response has been received on hospitalization, positivity rate, reproductive rate and reported deaths.
Fahla also pointed out that the first case of monkeypox in South Africa was identified in a 30-year-old man from Johannesburg with no travel history. In such a situation, we cannot be held responsible for the spread of this disease outside South Africa.

Fahla said that the National Health Laboratory Service is conducting online in-service training for our health workers, so that they can diagnose the disease and perform the necessary laboratory tests.

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