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Spain recorded the names of 12 older siblings in the Guinness Book of World Records, all of whom are more than 1000 years old

Madrid : What do people do to make a world record? People risk their lives from playing with their bodies. But a family from Spain made a world record without doing anything. The name of a family of 12 siblings in space has been recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. The total age of all the brothers and sisters of this family is 1058 years and 249 days, due to which they have been awarded the Guinness World Record. All these elderly siblings live and grow up in Gran Canaria. All of them are between 76 and 97 years old.

The family of seven brothers and five sisters said in a statement to Guinness World Records, “We never thought we would be able to break a world record.” “It all started as a joke during a family reunion in June,” the statement said. Then a newspaper published an article titled – 12 siblings count more than 1000 years – After that we started gathering information and reached Guinness World Records.

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Youngest brother’s age is 76 years
Eldest brother Joe Hernandez-Perez will turn 98 in December this year. The youngest, Luis Hernandez-Perez, turned 76 in April. Last month, a man set a world record for eating the most chilies in a minute. According to the Guinness World Records, Gregory Foster, a resident of California, USA, broke the old record by eating 17 chilies in 60 seconds.

record for eating the most chillies
He did this feat in November 2021 but his record got official recognition in August 2022. Ghost Pepper or Bhoot Jholkia Chili Pepper is one of the hottest chilies in the world. According to the report, this chili contains one million Scoville heat units. Foster consumed 17 million Scoville Heat Units in just one minute. The man had said that he likes spicy food and also grows chillies at his home.



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