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Stealthing: Taking condom without asking during sex became a crime, this US state made law

The US state of California has a law on the use of condoms during sex. If a man removes his condom during sex without asking the woman, then it will be a crime. In such a case, the accused person may also have to face trial. Such a crime is known as ‘stealthing’. California Governor Gavin Newsom has also signed a bill to criminalize removing condoms without consent.

California became the first US state
The Governor’s Office tweeted that by passing this bill, we are underlining the importance of consent. Cristina Garcia, a member of the California Legislature who introduced the bill, said it would ensure that stealthing was not only immoral but also illegal. California is the first state in the US to declare stealthing illegal.

During sex the man took out the condom without asking the woman, now a case of rape has been registered
There will be a fine for breaking the law
According to this bill, a case will be registered under the civil code against the accused who removes condom without consent. Not only this, the aggrieved woman can also file a lawsuit for damages. No provision has been made for any punishment against the accused who violates this law. There has been a lot of talk of fines in the law.

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Trying to get included in the penal code
The leader who introduced this bill, Cristina Garcia, said that I think this law should be included in the penal code. He questioned that if consent was broken, is this not the definition of rape or sexual assault? At the same time, legal experts have told that even though this law is not included in the penal code, yet if the consent is broken then it can be considered as rape.

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Many such cases have come to America
There have been many cases of condom removal during sex in America. The court has also ordered registration of rape case in maximum such cases. Victims argue that this puts them at risk of becoming pregnant, contracting sexually transmitted diseases. In such a situation, removing the condom without asking is a criminal act.


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