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Stinger Missile: The weapon with which Russia lost in Afghanistan, tried to slam Ukraine with the same

Moscow: Thousands of people have died in the ongoing war in Russia and Ukraine since February 24. Despite this, both the countries are not ready to bow down. Initially, it was feared that Ukraine would kneel in front of the superpower of Russia in a few days. But, Ukraine has given a tough competition to the Russian army on the basis of Stinger missile received from America. Burnt Russian aircraft, drones, tanks and armored vehicles are testifying to the bravery of the Ukrainian army. It was the Stinger missile cost that forced the then Soviet Army to leave Afghanistan in the 1980s. Now it is believed that due to the fear of this missile, Russia has not yet used its full air power against Ukraine.

What is Stinger Missile?
The FIM-92 Stinger is a man-portable air-defense system. This weapon is also known in English as MANPADS. The system works as an infrared homing surface-to-air missile (SAM). This missile was first used by British forces during the Falklands War. Later in the 1980s, the US gave this missile system to the Mujahideen of Afghanistan. Due to which these Mujahideen inflicted serious injuries on the Soviet army. This system is used to shoot down many types of vehicles, drones or UAVs and helicopters. The Stinger is manufactured by Raytheon Missile Systems of America. Which is produced under license by Airbus Defense in Germany and Roketson Company in Turkey.

Ukrainian army is targeting Russian aircraft with Stinger
The Ukrainian army is targeting Russian combat helicopters and drones through this Stinger missile. Ukraine had demanded 500 Stinger missiles and 500 Javelin missiles per day from the US and NATO. The US did not give such number of Stinger missiles to Ukraine, but it did give enough so that the movement of the Russian army could be stopped. The cost of a Stinger missile is $120,000, while the cost of a Javelin missile is $180,000. In such a situation, it is not possible to give 500 Stinger missiles to Ukraine every day.

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The Soviet Army had to leave Afghanistan because of the stinger?
It is said that the then Soviet army had to leave Afghanistan because of the Stinger missile. However, Russia still denies the claim being made about this missile. In the mid-980s, the US intelligence agency CIA handed over a consignment of more than 500 Stinger missiles to the Mujahideen of Afghanistan under Operation Cyclone. Some reports claim that the US handed over 2000 Stinger missiles to the Mujahideen. At that time, the US and the Afghan Mujahideen were working together against the Soviet Union due to the Cold War.

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Know the claims of Soviet and Afghan Mujahideen
According to the claims of these mujahideen, Stinger missiles shot down 269 aircraft of the Soviet Army in 340 encounters. According to this claim, the Stinger missile’s success rate in Afghanistan was around 79 percent. At the same time, the Soviet Union claimed that only 38 of its aircraft and helicopters were destroyed in the Stinger missile attack, while 14 were damaged. In such a situation, the kill rate of Stinger missile was around 10 percent. Despite this, many advanced versions of the Stinger missile have been developed at present, which are more lethal than before.

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Stinger missile has shown strength in these wars
Stinger missiles used in the Falklands War, Soviet–Afghan War, Iran–Iraq War, Gulf War, Angolan Civil War, Sri Lankan Civil War, Chadian–Libyan Conflict, Tajikistan Civil War, Kargil War, Yugoslav War, Invasion of Grenada, Second Chechen War, War of Afghanistan, He has proved his strength in the Iraq War, the Syrian Civil War, the War in Iraq (2013-2017), the Russo-Ukraine War.

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Know about Stinger Missile
The Stinger missile system was first developed in 1981. Since then this system is serving in the army of many countries. So far, five variants of the Stinger have been made, FIM-92A, FIM-92B, FIM-92C, FIM-92D, FIM-92G. The weight of a stinger is 15 kg, length is 1.52 m, diameter is 70.1 mm. High explosives are used in this. Its warhead weighs around 1 kg. Its missile, which is powered by infrared homing technology, is fitted with a solid fuel rocket motor.


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