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Such international smuggling of gold will awaken your mind, traders active in Singapore

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With the rise in gold prices across the world, its international smuggling has gained momentum. You will be surprised to know the plans of international smugglers. Smugglers in Singapore are contacting Indian migrant workers flying home from Changi Airport to deliver gold in exchange for commission. This was said in a media report on Sunday. Passengers who show interest in delivering the gold are taken to a quiet area in the airport, where the deal takes place, The Straits Times reported.

According to reports, during the conversation, the consignee is assured that the gang operators will take back the gold jewelery from him when he reaches India. Mohammed Bilal, president of the Gem Traders Association of Singapore, was quoted as saying that it is not illegal for travelers in Singapore to take precious jewellery, including gold, out of the country, but those delivering gold to India risk breaking the law when they Do not declare the gold you are carrying with you. Male Indian citizens are allowed to carry a maximum of 20 grams of duty-free gold into India.

Smuggling of 25 to 30 grams of gold is easy

The limit for female Indian citizens is double in terms of weight and value. There is a provision for customs duty on carrying gold jewelery in excess of this limit. Bilal said that the practice of smuggling of gold through couriers has been going on for decades. The report said that gold smugglers at Changi Airport Terminal 1 want ‘couriers’ to carry 25 grams to 30 grams of gold jewellery, which is slightly outside the legal limit. Indian authorities, including customs officials, are wary of travelers attempting to transport gold, the report said.

There have been reports of gangs targeting passengers at various airports in the Gulf as well as in Asia, including Malaysia and Singapore, where gold is cheaper than in India. The report quoted the Singapore Police Force as saying that there is no weight limit for travelers to carry gold or other precious metals out of Singapore. (Language)

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