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Suicide Drone: China showed its suicide drone FH-901 to the world for the first time, great tension for India, know how

Beijing: China has presented its switchable suicide drone to the world for the first time. This drone is equipped with gunpowder, which can carry out reconnaissance as well as attack. The name of this suicide drone is FH-901. It has been developed by China’s state-owned company China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. During the launch of this drone, China also showed a video footage, in which the FH-901 drone was seen attacking a tank. The tank was wrecked after the drone strike in the video. However, the whole world knows that China has also been adept at spreading propaganda by releasing such false videos. In such a situation, the power of all the weapons of China can be proved only on the battlefield.

Comparing US suicide drones
China’s state media Global Times claimed that defense experts have equated the FH-901 to America’s switchblade suicide drone. American drones have recently proved their strength during the Russo-Ukraine war. The FH-901 can not only be launched from the ground, but can also be launched into the sky from a fighter plane or a large drone. It has high quality cameras and sensors. In this drone, non-degradable explosives have also been installed, which can attack the target and destroy it.

China has developed many drones
Since 2004, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation has developed several drones of the CH and FH series. Some of these have also been exported. China claims that these drones can carry out tasks such as aerial geophysical exploration, forest fire fighting, emergency rescue and emergency mapping. The performance of the drones is being continuously improved due to the experience and data accumulated with the company during the manufacturing of these drones. It can also be used like a swarm drone, so that the enemy will have no chance of escape.

What is Swarm Drone Technology
When multiple drones together carry out a mission, this system is called drone swarming or swarm drone technology. In these there is a mother drone, from which many small drones come out which are capable of attacking different targets. Due to the high number, the enemy’s anti-aircraft guns or missiles also prove ineffective against them. This new technology has the potential to change the entire battle scene in the future. This technology will prove to be very important in the war with no contact warfare i.e. without any human contact.

China’s suicide drone is a threat to India
This new suicide drone of China can become a big threat to India. Actually, there is a possibility that China can deploy this drone on the border with India. Because, the border with Ladakh is inaccessible, deserted and inhuman. In such a situation, Chinese soldiers are able to live in this area with great difficulty. With the arrival of this drone, China can not only keep an eye from the sky by sitting at home, but can also attack through them. Being switchable, they are cheap and can be launched from anywhere.



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