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Sun playing ‘hide and seek’ in space, amazing solar eclipse seen by satellite

Washington: You must have heard a lot about the solar eclipse visible on the earth. But have you ever heard about solar eclipse in space. Actually a solar eclipse occurs when something comes in between the sun. A satellite has seen something similar in space. This eclipse is visible when the Moon passed in front of the satellite watching the Sun. Due to this, the appearance of the blazing surface of the Sun stopped. From the point of view of satellite it was like an eclipse.

The GOES satellite and its Solar Ultraviolet Imager instrument (SUVI) captured this spectacular sight while observing the Sun’s hot outer atmosphere, or corona. However, this view has been seen only in space. Satellite has seen this scene for several hours. This satellite observes the emission of flames coming out of the Sun. These solar emissions cause blackouts on Earth. EarthSky reported, “We can see geomagnetic storms of varying duration due to the influence of solar winds emanating from the coronal hole.”

There may be information about solar storm
According to Indian time, this solar eclipse was visible from 4 pm to 5.30 pm. A picture shared on Twitter shows the Moon blocking part of the Sun. People said, ‘This sight looks like the moon is biting the sun.’ Observations of solar emissions can provide early detection of solar flares, coronal mass ejections (CMEs) and other phenomena affecting the geospace environment.

Alert is received about 15 hours in advance
SUVI gives warnings of solar storms coming towards Earth about 15 hours in advance. CMEs are large emissions of plasma and magnetic fields from the Sun’s corona. These can eject billions of tons of material. Even though this eclipse was not visible on the earth, but the red colored moon was definitely seen in America. On November 8, a stunning view of the red colored moon was seen in America. This is called a blood moon.

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