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Taiwanese Defense Ministry claims – 20 PLA ​​fighter aircraft and 14 ships conducted maneuvers till 5 pm

Taiwan on China: During the Chinese military exercise, Taiwan’s Defense Ministry confirmed that 20 PLA ​​aircraft and 14 PLA ships have conducted joint naval and air exercises near Taiwan today at 5 pm. Based on the flight paths issued, a Y-20 aerial refueling aircraft also entered ADIZ southwest of Taiwan. Earlier, regarding the PLA War Drill of the Chinese Army, Taiwan had said that it is ready to deal with any situation. At the same time, Taiwan has also said that China is pretending to attack in the middle of the Taiwan Strait.

Taiwan claimed that its Air Defense Identification System recorded the presence of Chinese military fighter jets in Taiwan’s territory. In response, Taiwanese fighter planes also flew for combat air patrolling. Apart from its air force, Taiwan has also activated its missile defense system and its naval ships are also continuously patrolling. Earlier it was told that on the evening of Friday (August 5) 68 aircraft of the Chinese Air Force had crossed the air limit of Taiwan.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense gave this statement
At the same time, before this, the Taiwan Defense Ministry had said, “Our Armed Forces have increased their preparedness and are closely monitoring military activities. To respond to China’s massive information war, our government agencies have increased vigilance and we call on private enterprises to intensify their response measures. We call on the international community to stop these unilateral and irrational military exercises and support democratic Taiwan.

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