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‘Talent, Technology… Innovation and Industry’, know what PM Modi said in Bali, Indonesia

PM Modi in Indonesia: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has gone to Bali city of Indonesia to participate in G-20. During this, he has also met people from the Indian community. PM Modi also addressed the Indian community there. Addressing the people, he said that after coming to Indonesia, Bali, every Indian has a different feeling, a different feeling. I am also feeling the same vibration that the people of India are doing.

Addressing the Indian community, PM Modi said that there has been a huge difference in speed and scale in India before and after 2014. Today India is working with unprecedented speed and on an unprecedented scale. He said that India’s talent, India’s technology, India’s innovation, India’s industry have made their mark in the world today.

He said that there is a different type of atmosphere in Bali and this environment gives us different types of energy. Indonesia has kept the tradition alive. Today we are singing songs of Balinese tradition. Bali Yatra is going on on the banks of Mahanadi in Cuttack city of India. Bali Yatra is going on in Odisha, 1500 km from Bali. The heart of the people of Odisha is in Bali. Our relationship with Indonesia is like a wave.

What else did PM Modi say?

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In the year 2018, when there was an earthquake in Indonesia, then India started Operation Samudra Maitri. That year I visited Jakarta and said that India and Indonesia are 90 nautical miles apart. Actually, both the countries are close to 90 nautical miles. There is so much that India and Indonesia have now treasured. This land of Bali is holy by the tenacity of Maharishi Markandeya and Maharishi Agastya.

He said that today’s India, proud of its heritage, has set out to make a developed India with the goal of touching the sky. In the 21st century, India is capable of living up to the expectations of the world from India. He said that Ayurveda of India is a gift to the entire humanity. The Prime Minister said that if there is Himalaya in India, then there is Agung mountain in Bali. If there is Ganges in India, then there is pilgrimage Ganges in Bali. We also initiate every auspicious work in India. Here also Shri Ganesh is sitting from house to house and spreading auspiciousness in public places.

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