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Taliban kept information about the grave of founder Mullah Omar secret for 9 years, now disclosed

Mullah Omar Burial Place: The Taliban made a big disclosure on Sunday (November 5) about the tomb of the founder of their organization, Mullah Omar, after capturing Afghanistan. After the death of Mullah Omar, the Taliban kept the news of his grave and death a secret for many years. Now the Taliban have broken their silence regarding the grave of Mullah Omar. Although the Taliban acknowledged in April 2015 that its founder Mullah Omar had died two years earlier, it remained silent about the site of the tomb.

Indeed, since the Taliban was thrown out of power in 2001 in a US-led invasion, there have been various rumors about Mullah Omar’s health and whereabouts. The Taliban admitted in April 2015 that Mullah Omar had been killed two years earlier.

Why was the information of the grave hidden?

Now the Taliban has revealed about the grave of its founder Mullah Omar. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told AFP on Sunday (November 6) that Mullah Omar’s grave was near Omarjo in the Suri district of Zabul province. He had attended an event organized at his graveyard. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said that since many enemies were around and the country was occupied, it was kept secret to avoid damage to the tomb. Only close family members knew about the place.

News Reels

Images released by officials showed Taliban leaders gathered around a simple white brick mausoleum, covered with gravel and enclosed in a green metal cage. Mujahid said that now the decision has been taken. People have no problem in visiting the tomb.

Information about the demolition of Masood’s tomb

This information about the tomb of Mullah Masood came a day after Taliban officials denied reports issued by them. In the report, the tomb of Panjshir Valley was claimed to have been demolished. Taliban spokesman Mujahid refuted these reports and said that if it is true then the culprits will be punished.

Mujahid said that the tomb of Mulla Umar is in a grand granite and marble mausoleum. It has been under the protection of Taliban fighters since the occupation of Afghanistan in August last year. Mujahid told reporters that no one has the right to insult the dead.

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