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Teacher was doing dirty work in the car with her 18 year old student, mother caught through tracking app

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A sensational case of a 26-year-old female teacher having physical relations with her 18-year-old student has come to light in America. The boy’s mother already suspected that her 26-year-old female teacher was having illicit relations with her son. Because of this his son remains absent even in rugby practice. Mother was upset by this. The mother took the help of a tracking app to catch her son and the teacher red-handed. According to reports, the mother used a controversial app to track the two.

Let us tell you that after the notification of the app, the mother came to know about the presence of her son in Park Road Park. Worried by this revelation, the mother herself immediately reached the park. Allegedly, she witnessed her 18-year-old son and 26-year-old South Mecklenburg High School teacher Gabriella Cartaya-Neufeld making out in a compromising position inside a car. The first thing the boy’s mother did was collect evidence from the spot by immediately taking photographs of the vehicle and its license plate. Subsequently, she contacted the authorities to report the incident.

This is how the teacher’s relationship with the student came to light

It is being told that this illicit relationship was established between his teacher and the student during the holidays. After this this sequence continued. According to The New York Post, as police reported that the parents were aware of rumors about their son’s inappropriate relationships. When he started remaining absent from sports practice, his parents became alert. Prosecutors said Cartaya-Neufeld, a science teacher. Once the student was having sex with the teacher in his house. Since then the rumors had gained momentum.

Student-teacher love was discussed everywhere

There were discussions everywhere about the immoral relationship between Cartaya-Neufeld and the student. In the indictment the district attorney said that rumors of an illicit relationship had been flying around the school for months before the arrest, prompting administrators to question both the teen and his teacher. Five counts of gross sexual activity by a teacher with a student for assault on a teacher. He was initially taken to the Mecklenburg County Jail late last month, but has since posted bail.

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