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Tension with Pakistan, Afghanistan coming closer to India, will start embassy work again

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Afghanistan India Pakistan: After the formation of the Taliban government in Afghanistan, while the tension between the Taliban government and Pakistan has increased, the Taliban government is taking steps to strengthen relations with India. In the latest case, Afghanistan will once again start embassy operations in India. This was said by the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Taliban government of Afghanistan. Amidst the economic challenges and food crisis in the country after the formation of Taliban government, India sent Indian wheat to Afghanistan via Pakistan for help. On the other hand, differences between Taliban and Pakistan have started coming to the fore.

Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai, deputy foreign minister under the Taliban regime, has said that the Afghan Embassy in New Delhi will resume its operations in the next few days. Stanikzai told Afghan broadcaster RTA that officials from the Afghan Consulates in Hyderabad and Mumbai had visited the embassy following instructions from Kabul.

Afghanistan wants good relations with India

The Taliban leader said that Afghanistan wants good relations with neighboring countries. His comments about resuming operations at the Afghan embassy came days after the mission, commanded by Ambassador Farid Mamundje, had announced the permanent closure of the embassy citing ‘continued challenges from the Government of India’. Was announced.

Earlier it was announced to close the embassy

Mamundje, appointed by Afghanistan’s previous Ashraf Ghani government, has been out of India for the last few months. The embassy had announced its permanent closure on Friday. Diplomats at the embassy, ​​appointed by the previous government, had also announced on September 30 that the mission was closing down its operations from October 1, accusing the government of ‘non-cooperation’.

Why are Taliban government’s relations with Pakistan deteriorating?

While relations between Afghanistan and India are deepening, the tension between Afghanistan’s Taliban government and Pakistan has increased further. Pakistan holds TTP terrorists responsible for the terrorist attacks in Pakistan. Pakistan believes that these terrorists are protected by the Taliban government. Meanwhile, Pakistan on Wednesday called an Afghan diplomat and demanded the extradition of the main terrorist responsible for an attack in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

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