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Terrorist attack shakes Somalia, 100 killed, hundreds injured in Mogadishu car blast

Somalia Blast: At least 100 people have been killed in two car bombings in the Somali capital Mogadishu. The incident happened outside the Ministry of Education. Somalia’s President Hassan Sheikh confirmed the incident in a statement, saying 300 people were injured.

In fact, two car bombs exploded in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu on Saturday, 29 October, in which 30 people were reported dead, while now the death toll has risen to 100. At the same time, no terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for this attack so far.

President told this terrorist organization responsible

President Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud has called the attack cowardly, blaming the terrorist organization al-Shabaab for it. This attack has come at a time when the President of the country is meeting with all the senior officials to take tough steps to counter terrorism.

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According to Somalia’s national news agency, police spokesman Sadiq Dodishe said two car bombs exploded. Associated Press journalists found several bodies from the scene. The director of the Amen Ambulance Service told AP news agency that they had collected several wounded or killed. Abdul Qadir Aden said in a tweet that an ambulance was destroyed in the second explosion.

Five years ago this place was attacked

The hospital worker told the media that, after this incident, the bodies of 30 people were brought to the hospital, out of which the number of women was more. At the same time, now this figure has reached 100. According to media reports, 5 years ago there was a bomb blast at this place in which more than 500 people died.

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