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Terrorists planned major attacks in Denmark and Netherlands, but were arrested because of this

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A case of a major attack conspiracy by terrorists has come to light in two countries of Europe. The attackers were about to carry out major terrorist attacks in both the countries. But even before the incident could be committed, he got caught by the police due to some of his mistakes. The matter is related to Denmark and Netherlands, where the terrorists had fully planned to carry out a major attack. But he was arrested at the last moment. In fact, a total of four people have been arrested on suspicion of plotting terrorist attacks in a joint operation conducted in Denmark and the Netherlands.

If the campaign had not been launched, perhaps the terrorists would have succeeded in their plans. Danish police gave this information on Thursday. Three people were arrested in a coordinated operation in Denmark. While one person was arrested in Netherlands. Flemming Dräger, head of operations for the Danish Security and Intelligence Service, said Denmark was not changing the threat level of terrorist attacks, which is now the second-highest in severity in the country since 2010.

Terrorists had links with foreign countries

According to the police, the arrested terrorists had links with many other countries. This is being investigated thoroughly. Fleming Dredger said that the strings of this case were linked to foreign countries and it is related to criminal gangs. The name of Loyal to Familia (LTF) came up in this. In January 2020, a Danish court upheld a nationwide police ban on the gang, ruling that the LTF should be disbanded as illegal under the Danish constitution. (AP)

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