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The bride laden with ornaments also found it difficult to walk, wore 60 kg of gold in the wedding, people said – poor!

A bride from China is becoming increasingly viral on social media. The bride wore 60 kg gold ornaments on her wedding day. Everyone was stunned to see this bride from Hubei province on her wedding day. The photo of the bride is becoming viral on social media due to the heavy jewelery she wore in her wedding on 30 September. In the viral picture, the bride is seen holding a white wedding dress and a bouquet of roses in her hands.

It was difficult for the bride to move due to the weight of the ornaments and she was taking the help of the groom to walk. According to media reports, these ornaments were given to the bride by her husband as a dowry. The groom gave her 60 gold necklaces each weighing one kilogram. Apart from the necklace, she is also wearing heavy bracelets in her hands.
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I felt sorry to see the bride
The bracelets were gifted to her by the groom’s family. It is being told that the groom’s family is very rich. Often people wear jewelry to show people socially, but seeing this bride, the people who came to the wedding were feeling pity. A guest at the wedding asked the bride for help, to which she smiled and refused. She said that she was fine and would continue to follow the wedding rituals.

Gold is a symbol of ‘good luck’
Locals consider gold here as a symbol of ‘good luck’. For the people here, gold is also a sign of wealth and prosperity. People also use gold to get rid of evil spirits and bad luck. The pictures of the bride wearing a lot of necklaces and bracelets are becoming increasingly viral on social media.


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